Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Wrap Up- A Month of Drinks and Snacks!

Hi Foodies!

[Insert cheesy line about how quickly this month has gone here]

But seriously though, it's gone pretty quickly huh!?


Monthly Wrap up

This month I have been working pretty hard on all my Uni stuff, I finish my degree in about two months now and rather stupidly all our officially marked and 'counted' work has to be done between now and then + exams!

So, the start of Spring is pretty stressful but I am using this as an excuse to enjoy a lot of good food as a consolation! So, it could be worse :)

This month I have posted on the blog:

My Favourite Spring Suppers! Halloumi Salad & Individual Spanish Omelette!
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My 3 Go-To Mid-Week Meals inc. Thai Style Risotto & Avocado & Tuna Pasta!


Of course with Uni work, comes coffee! 

This is a lovely coffee subscription from Kopi my family were given for Christmas - it is great! It works like those monthly wine or beauty box subscriptions so each month after you sign up you get sent another large 250g packet of one of their coffee varieties.

It works out at about 35p per cup and I have been loving drinking this Ethiopian blend from our cafetiere. Makes work a lot more enjoyable!

I literally just tried this tea today and HAD to include it - Earl Grey infused with lavender! For any fans of 'flowery' flavours as I am - this is a winner and not just for the gorgeous packet! The flavour is subtle and not at all 'soapy' like some flavours like rose and lavender can be. Who doesn't love a good old cup of Twinings? 

As I have mentioned before I am a big fan of Vegesentials & their natural fruit and veggie juices. I just wish they were more readily available with more stockists! 

From what I have read they are stocked more frequently in London but the only places near me are large Waitroses. Please Vegesentials get them elsewhere too as I think we desperately need more companies like this in the UK - juicing just isn't so easy in the UK as I think compared to America where fresh juices seem more readily available. I also like that the bottles are completely recyclable.


 Of course with drinking a lot of tea comes some cheeky snacking, or not so cheeky with the help of Nakd bars from Natural Balance Food! I feel like I mention these each month!

Ah, what would I do without these little guys. At about £2.70 each box of 4, these are not cheap but any bar that is 100% healthy and help my keep hunger/sugar cravings at bay are WELL worth it in my opinion. This is my new fave flavour - cashew cookie! Literally just cold pressed cashews and dates. I like to keep mine in the fridge and enjoy with some green tea.

 Another healthier snack I have enjoyed these past couple of weeks are these all natural fruit roll ups from Bear yoyo - all natural fruit just compressed into a handy little snack! At only 60 calories per pack, these little guys are just that - little. But they make a nice change. I would buy again but probably only when on offer - I found these at Waitrose.

On a less healthy but just as delicious note, I was brought back some chocolate bars to try from America.... YUM. So far I have only tried the PB and Jelly (still cannot quite get my head around that combo but I managed to get it down anyway so cannot be too bad!!) and am looking forward to trying out the sea salt and caramel!

I don't know about you guys but 'foreign' candies / sweets / chocolate etc. I always find so exciting!! They might be super cheap and not amazingly different to anything around me in the UK but I love trying out new stuff!

Apparently this brand here  -Hammond's Candies - also sell a bacon flavour bar.... ?! Make of that what you will.


As usual I have not been dramatically adventurous with my main meals or fish intake- at the moment I am just enjoying throwing simpler bits and bobs together before I eat rather than cooking.

 I have been loving avocado and of course with tuna which is really the best combo going in my opinion! I like adding avocado to a super simple salad to beef it up a little and I love mashing sweet potato to have along side to add some sweetness. As the weather is getting warmer, salads are quickly featuring a lot more in my diet.

I made milk bread this week which I love!! This is a firm, very white loaf (so not one for any one not wanting to eat white flour/dairy of course) but makes a lovely solid sandwich or slice of toast. I really am not a fan of fluffy bread and as I do not eat a lot of bread when I do I enjoy bread with substance!

To make this milk loaf simply place these ingredients into a mixer and using a dough hook knead for 7-10 minutes. Of course you can also do this by hand!

450 g strong white bread flour
7 g dried yeast
250 ml warm milk
25 g melted butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp honey

Oil a loaf tin and drop the mix in in a sausage shape! Cover with cling film and allow to rise in a warm place for at least an hour. Bake at 180 degrees celsius in a fan oven for 30-35 minutes! So simple but so, oh so good.

Check out my recipe for an everyday brown loaf here as well as basic bread making skills!

And that is that! 
This month I am looking forward to handing in all my written assignments for my final University year and hopefully this time next month I will be feeling exam ready :S !!

I hope you have had a lovely March and may your April be yummy!


  1. I cannot believe that April is here already either - how fast did March go! Good luck with your assignments and exam prep. :-)

  2. Your bread recipe looks amazing! I'm not sure if I have a bread hook around, but if I can knead it by hand, I'd definitely want to try it out!

  3. i can't believe April is here already either and I think all the food you have here is delicious!!
    I really would love to try that naked cashew cookies and that bread!!


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