Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mini Foodie Haul!

Recently I have discovered so, so many yummy things to eat and drink...
maybe the colder weather is making me crave some exciting goodies!

This week I picked up some more of my favourite cupboard essentials - the oh, so delightful Nakd bars! I don't know why but when I first tried these about a year or so ago I wasn't such a fan but they have slowly grown on me and I am now a little obsessed... 

So far I enjoy the rhubarb and custard flavour the most but I really fancied trying out these crispy 'crunch' versions and they are good!! Basically they are exactly the same as the usual flavours (so a lovely mix of dates, fruit and nuts) but with some added tapioca crispies. Very nice and I like the slightly different texture. If you eat as many of these as I do you will agree it is good to get some variety! Although they do offer tons of flavours - check out their site

I am also trying out Clif Bars for the first time! I will let you know how I get on with these, although I know they have added sugar in, I think for those days I need a super easy on the go lunch / snack these high protein bars would be a good alternative. I picked up 'crunchy peanut' & 'white chocolate & macadamia'... sounds amazing.

I also have discovered the 'Vegesentials' juices which were on offer recently. I really like making smoothies but often find myself running out of fresh produce to use or I just am feeling super lazy and cannot be bothered (I know, no excuse) so these are a great alternative. Freshly, cold pressed, these juices are soooo nice and refreshing. I tried out the 'greener' flavour which contains cucumber, pineapple and spinach and really enjoyed it. They last for a week in the fridge too which is a bonus.

While this is a great alternative I still prefer my homemade as I think you can use whatever you fancy and alter amounts to suit your tastes. I prefer an A) larger smoothie! B) more greens. 

But hey, I am all up for these kind of ready made juices. We need more options like this in the UK. I am envious of my USA readers who can enjoy the likes of Suja Juice & BluePrint juices (although I do not know how widely available these are).

I also found my favourite green tea so far! In my Drink More Green Tea post I talked about how I love drinking green tea and all it's great health benefits yet I only like green tea with 'other' flavours - like peppermint etc. I think this was because the few brands I had tried were quite strong and I think a little bitter for my taste. I find these Tetley option is so lovely as it has a softer flavour and is half the price of most... 50 bags for under £2! I much prefer this brand and want to try and enjoy 2-3 cups a day to gain more benefits.

Have you tried any exciting new foodie items recently?


  1. Ooh, Cliff Bars..........a bit naughty, but so nice! I find them quite 'chunky' though, so nice and filling. My secret treat when I was living in the US! CyclingD

  2. I tried those juices for the blog and enjoyed them too, although I agree on the home juicing being better. I've been trying some new supplements and snack bars which have been yum!


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