Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hot Chocolate Christmas Marshmallow Swirlers!

Hi Festive Foodies!

As you may be able to tell I am getting rather into the Christmas spirit! I just love walking through town and seeing all the festive windows and holiday themed food and drinks - I am feeling very inspired to create some yummy holiday treats!

As the festive time is quickly getting under way it is always good to have some super-speedy snack ideas to pull out for any last minute entertaining, or just for you!

These little beauties are simple to make (well, put together really rather than make - they are just that easy!) I think they would be fun to make with little ones and they are perfection with a hot chocolate. 

Just dip and swirl to get a gloriously yummy and melting marshmallow treat :) Also, please note most marsmallows are NOT vegetarian so please be aware of this before you make these, or find suitable marshmallows like these

Try saying that 3 times after a few eggnogs! 


1-2 bars of white chocolate (you could get away with just 1 large bar)
200g bag of marshmallows (the larger the better)
12 -20 candy canes (depending on how many you want to make)
Desiccated Coconut
Extra decorations (I used silver balls!)

1) Prepare your marshmallow sticks. Take your candy canes and cut (this is a task for the grown ups as you have to be pretty careful here!) with a very sharp knife to the length you wish your swirlers to be. I cut just above half way up the stick. Originally I tried to use the top and curved half of the canes but they were too heavy to use so I went for the other end. Perhaps if you had extra large marshmallows to support the cane weight this would work :) Stick the canes into the marshmallows firmly. I have also seen examples online of people dipping their candy cane ends into melted chocolate and sticking it to the top of the marshmallow rather than spearing the mallow like I did... your choice but I do not think the stick on method would be strong enough for hot chocolate dipping!

2) Melt your white chocolate gently in a bowl over shallow, boiling water.When it is all melted remove the pan from the heat but leave the bowl over the hot water as you dip and swirl your marshmallows in the chocolate until they are thoroughly coated.

3) Get a little production line going - after you have dipped and swirled, then roll in the coconut and then the silver balls (optional) until the marshmallow is well and truly dunked in sugary goodness!

4) Stand on greaseproof paper on a tray and when they are all done place in the fridge to set for a couple of hours. And that is it!

These are so simple but gorgeous!  The toppings are pretty much interchangeable so if you do not like coconut or white chocolate just replace with milk chocolate and perhaps ground nuts or crushed rice crispies!

To really get into the Christmas spirit - either eat like a cake pop or melt slowly in a steaming mug of hot chocolate by a crackling fire- heaven! 


  1. I got hungry just reading this! Looks like it's time to make some Marshmallow Swirlers :)



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