Friday, 13 December 2013

Festive Update!

Hi Foodies!

This week has been a busy one for me with exams, essays looming and moving back home for the Christmas holidays!

Here are a few of the more festive snapshots of my week so far:

Yes, I have a red Starbucks Christmas mug -  could I be any more predictable?! I love having a mug of tea with a festive treat - we have a whole stash of them including Yule log  -Turkish Delight - Jelly Fruits and Mince Pies to name just a few! This definitely is the season to be jolly - after this month I may even have a stomach similar to the guy in red!

My ultimate Christmas goodie however as chocolate lebkucken - German Christmas bakes similar to a cakey gingerbread often filled with apricot jam... YUM. I love having a couple of these in front of a Christmas movie (as you can see we have a few to chose from) and a crackling log fire :)

The large picture is my gorgeous paper advent calendar -I always feel very sophisticated opening up a little door to find a pretty picture everyday as apposed to a chocolate.... that is what I tell myself every day anyway :P  But the picture are so sweet and being so thin and light it meant I could easily carry it back home with me in my packing.

How adorable are these chocolate brussel sprouts!! They are from M & S and I think we will be using them to decorate our Christmas table :) Check out my post about these green beauties here!

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season so far and are staying warm and cosy :)
What are your favourite goodies this time of year?


  1. that paper advent calender is so sweet! it really brings back memories of wanting to eat all the chocolates in one sitting as a child. They were so small ;)

    1. Hahah I actually did eat all of mine in one go when I was younger!! I just was TOO excited :)


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