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What I Eat Day To Day As A Pescetarian!

Hi Foodies!

I often get asked by readers for some more pescetarian inspiration about what to eat 'day to day'.

 I know it can sometimes feel a little tricky eating a varied diet when you are not eating meat, especially one that is inexpensive, so I have compiled a few examples of each meal I eat every single day. 

Bear in mind these examples are from my 'good days' (which is nearly every day right now) and of course we all fall off the band wagon now and then and indulge in some frozen pizza or ice-cream etc. I have used examples from what I consider to be 'good days' so you guys have some healthy options to maybe get some inspiration from!

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 When I was younger I used to really dislike breakfast, as I think many of us did! I don't know what it is when you are younger but breakfast seemed to me like a waste of time and I just didn't fancy it. Oh how that changed! I now LOVE breakfast and always make time for it however early I have to get it, perhaps this love comes with greater knowledge of how important breakfast really is for our bodies and minds to get going for the morning.

If I am feeling particularly virtuous (so around twice a week!) I will enjoy one of my green smoothies
I only have one of these twice a week as they do not fill me up too much but they do give me a nutrient boost so I do always make myself have one a couple of times a week - don't get me wrong I enjoy the taste but it is getting a little cold for them now.

I also enjoy having banana on brown toast with peanut butter (of course) and this is great as you are getting a fab combo of carbs, protein and fibre. On a relaxed day I also LOVE having my 100% natural protein pancakes with a home made cinnamon spice latte (recipe up soon!). I have been adding spirulina to my pancakes recently for an added protein kick and a good amount of cocoa for added iron and that chocolatey taste! 

I also ALWAYS have a coffee with a little skimmed milk and a large glass of water :)


My breakfasts usually keep my full until around 1 PM when I have lunch. Lunch varies depending on whether I am at home or at University. Normally though I get home for lunch and I love having breakfast type food for lunch (what did I say about my love for breakfast growing!) so I often have porridge with honey and raisin with a banana or 2 eggs with half an avocado. Having protein and fibre is the best way to avoid sugar spikes and keep carb cravings at bay :)

If I have a bit of time at home I sometimes make another green smoothie and often have an avocado sandwich with tuna and salad. Tuna is a great way for a pescetarian to have fairly inexpensive fish and is so healthy (make sure you get the tuna in water, dolphin friendly etc). I also love having soup, especially as the weather gets colder. This soup is called Yogi Soup and is pretty good!


Yay snack time! I always eat something in the mid-afternoon time of the day - at the moment I am trying to eat 100% clean so I am often enjoying a banana with seeds and a green tea. Check out why I love green tea so much here! I also love protein bars like Trek, 9 Bars or Nakd bars!

I recently have also been enjoying some Fage greek yogurt with honey, seeds, dates and some frozen berries, with tea of course! My Healthy Breakfast muffins go down a treat too - these are pretty filling so good when I am extra hungry/cold! It is so important to keep your blood sugar levels stable so I would strongly encourage anyone to eat something mid afternoon (something healthy) to avoid mood swings and lack of energy.


I think it is really interesting listing or seeing what you have daily like this as it can show you what you may be missing in your diet! 
For example I can see I could definitely eat more fruit (except bananas) and some more dark, leafy greens for iron at dinner.

My dinners are the most varied of all my meals- really the only meals that change regularly as I enjoy cooking and trying out new things. I would say that my dinner is slightly large than all my other meals, I am aware your dinner should be the lightest accoring to 'them', but to be honest this is what works for me and I could never go to bed hungry! As long as it healthy I don't think you can go dramatically wrong size wise, as long as it is sensible.

If I am at University I am cooking just for me so I like things like my healthy pizza, salmon parcels with veggiessweet potato cakes with greens, jacket potatoes with tuna and avocado and my breadless salmon cakes. All these things are healthy and easy to make and freeze portions, meaning you wont have to eat the same thing all week even if you are living alone! Quinoa is another favourite - see how I make it here - as it is a great vegan source of protein and just tastes fab!

 I am not a huge pasta fan as it makes me feel very heavy but sometimes if I have little food in and cannot get out to the shops for the evening I may may spaghetti with pesto and tuna with veggies - I also love mackerel fillets which are relatively inexpensive fish pieces to buy! In my pics you can see I grill a slice as well as make my smoked salmon & mackerel rice dish which is a lovely, filling dish.

If I am cooking for more people, for example when I go home, I love doing things like this salmon and watercress tart served up with a big salad! Basically I like a protein source with whatever veggies I have in at the time with the odd treat like pizza, however my healthy pizza recipe means pizzas are now less 'odd'!.

As you can see dinner is when I mostly eat fish, but to be honest I often go days without eating fish at the moment. As long as you are getting some form of protein in all meals it is not necessary to eat fish or meat if you don't fancy it. I will also enjoy a hot chocolate in the evenings (yes this is not healthy but hey, if it stops me indulging in a large chocolate bar it works for me!) and possibly a yogurt, a piece of fruit or some dark liquorice -  when you live alone it really is whatever you can find in the cupboard!

I hope this has provided some more ideas for anyone struggling with what to eat daily- all these meals are pretty simple and basic - more more ideas check out my recipe pages or Instagram for more ideas and pics :)


  1. All of your meals look so delicious! Though I love seafood, I'm not a huge meat eater and I definitely believe you can get enough protein without eating meat. I need to try those salmon cakes :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes it is completely possible! I don't even eat fish everyday but enough protein can be sourced from veggies and pulses alone :)


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