Friday, 29 November 2013

My Say On The Good Old Brussel Sprout!

Hi Foodies!

So, December is literally only days away (have you got your advent calendar sorted??) which I am very excited about.
In 2 days it will be socially acceptable to post lots of festive recipes as well as blasting out Christmas music 24/7!! 

I may have actually started to get a little excited already though (did you see my festive drink review?) and may have already sneakily played Wham's ' Last Christmas ' which is my ultimate have Christmas tune!!

Now. Let us get down to business and talk about Christmas food. There are many festive foods which are associated with the Christmas period from Christmas cake to turkey but my ultimate foodie love of the Yuletide season are... Brussel Sprouts!!

Don't be a sprout scrooge! Eat your festive greens!

I love Christmas because suddenly it is more acceptable to be seen to eat sprouts... but I actually eat them through out the year!!

They seem to get a pretty bad rep as a vegetable, and I am honestly not sure why?! Lots of veggies have a strong flavour to them, such as asparagus, fennel, radish or cabbage, but for some reason sprouts of the brussels variety get most of the stick! Perhaps it is something to do with being forced to sit round a table as a youngster, when all you want to do is eat chocolate, and made to eat something green once a year which puts many people off.

This hatred however never got to me. I LOVE and have always loved brussels and eat them nearly every week :) I mean really they are just mini and more convenient cabbages?!

They are also pretty damn healthy:

1) They are full of fab cholesterol lowering super powers! If you steam your sprouts this is the most effective way of keeping the nutrients in (5 minutes or so should do).

2) There are tons of antioxidants in them! Full of vital nutrients such as vitamin C and E, these little beauties are a great addition to a winter diet. 

3) They are great for digestion! One cup of brussels contains over 4 grams of dietary fibre! This will help keep you...well, regular.... in the month we tend to over-eat!!

4) They taste fab! In my opinion of course :P


But if you are not such a fan but want to try out another way of cooking them that may suit your tastes more, check out these recipes I have collected for you:

Or try out my new recipe: Sprouts with garlic butter
Of course if you really cannot face them on Christmas day why not try out other veggies as an alternative like peas, broccoli or kale :)

But of course if you ask me, I say go for it! Try them again and you may be surprised :)


  1. I have been eating brussels sprouts pretty much every day for two weeks, love em!

    1. Yes I saw your post on them! Glad to hear from a fellow lover!

  2. Me? Favourite Christmas song, 'Fairy Tale of New York' - life long secret of not liking Brussel Sprouts and just portending all these years to join in! CyclingD


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