Friday, 1 November 2013

M.I.A Blogger & Already in November?!

Hi Foodies!

Sorry for being a bit M.I.A lately - things have just got super busy at Uni and I have been eating pretty much the same things over and over again (stuck in a rut much?!). 

Because of this I didn't think you guys would be too interested in what I have been chowing down on but here are some pics from the past couple of weeks:

Lefts to Rights:
 I have been loving baked potatoes with avocado and tuna! 
Trying out a new 9 Bar flavour - the pumpkin is gorgeous! Much prefer these without the usual carob on top. 
Green smoothies and avocado sarnies have been a firm fave this month. 
LOVING eggs atm...I literally crave them in any form.
 A mini surprise b-day cake from my parents! Red velvet :)  
Trying out these new Tesco salmon parcels, really nice for a quick supper with some veggies.
Marks & Spencers essentials, for me anyway! Asparagus & apple juice with fish selection sushi.
Home made lentil dahl with my first ever home made egg fried rice - surprisingly a very nice fusion! 
OMG. Addicted to Galaxy orange hot chocolate. I know this is not healthy but for a low fat sweet treat I love this for a cold evening.

I cannot believe we are already in November, less than 2 months away from Christmas and nearly at the end of 2013! I know people always say it but this is the first year for me that has EVER gone so quickly. It has literally flown by. But, I am really looking forward to the next 2 months, for the rest of the Uni. term, birthdays and for Christmas! 

This month I am going to be trying out some Ottolenghi recipes from his gorgeous recipe book 'Plenty' I received for my birthday including his Sweet Potato Cakes, Parsnip Dumpling in Broth and Asian Soy Tofu. 

Have you guys ever tried any of his recipes? They all look so gorgeous and remind me of the time I visited a friend in London and was lucky enough to explore one of his fabulous shops in Belgravia, London. That was at the start of this year yet really seems like yesterday! 

I hope you all have a blessed November, eat well and be happy :) 

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