Sunday, 3 November 2013

Drink More Green Tea!

Hey there Foodie! 

Before we go any further, let's just get one thing clear here. I LOVE tea. 

From the black to the white variety I just adore a cup of brewed goodness - warming, zero calories, refreshing and often very healthy - tea is just perfect for this time of the year.

Now don't get me wrong I love my morning coffee too but tea (in my opinion) can be drunk at any time of the day, is super inexpensive, filling and you don't need to rely on a fancy coffee machine, milk, cream or have to seek out a nearby Starbucks in order to quickly brew a batch. 

Today we are talking about green tea - my new favourite and I am sure a favourite for many of you. I never used to enjoy green tea but often tried to get into it as I kept reading and hearing about all it's amazing health benefits!  However I never really found a brand I enjoyed and whenever I tried some it was just to bitter for me. 

But I can happily say I am now aboard the green tea train!
2 reasons for this: 
1) I have found a couple of brands which infuse their green tea with other subtle flavours such as Clipper's green tea with peppermint & Twining's green tea with pineapple meaning the tea is a little less strong in 'green' flavour (if that exists... ) and they taste a little more on the fruity side which I enjoy.

& 2) I now know to infuse the tea for less time that I ever did before for a slightly weaker tea (around 2 minutes). This is of course down to personal taste though - I have a friend who leaves her green teabag to continue brewing while she drinks her tea!

Just Some of the AMAZING Health Benefits of Green Tea:

1) Green tea helps speed up fat loss as it increases your metabolism due to it's antioxidant effect which helps your liver work more effectively. 
A recent study (here) into weight loss in overweight men found that men who drank 3 cups of green tea a day lost an extra 200 calories a day with no extra effort due to the tea alone!

2) Green tea can protect against heart disease as it has been proved to lower bad cholesterol levels in your body. It can also help with any abnormal blood clotting keeping your arteries healthy and flowing normally.

3) Beauty wise, green tea can help clear skin and also help bad breath (!). Green tea is a natural antiseptic which can help to literally clean out your system inside leaving you glowing and smelling, um, fresh! 

4) Green tea can boost your immunity - even just gargling has been found to improve amounts of your anti flu cells! Perfect for these colder months. 

5) Green tea can help stabilise your blood sugar levels ultimately helping to ward off diabetes. It does this by reducing blood sugar spikes after eating which ultimately also wards off fat storage too! 

And these are only a few incentives to chug a mug down are some more: 

Clearly, there are many benefits of green tea but obviously just one small cup a day may not give you all the abundant gains possible, so how much is enough?

The jury is out on just how much green tea one should drink but most experts recommend somewhere between 2-5 cups but from my research it appears the more the better! Also remember green tea does contain a small amount of caffeine which means while it is a great and healthy energising option, it may not be best to sip before bed time. 

What are your thoughts on green tea - are you a fan?


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